How You Can Defy the Aging Curve and Build a Lean, Healthy Body and Stress Free Mind Well into Your Fifties and Beyond, Without Compromising Your Career or Risking Injury

Even if you believe you’ve ‘plateaued’ or maybe crested the hill…

Life can almost seem cruel. By the time you finally reach the wisdom, maturity and experience to master your calling, your body starts breaking down. Decades of hard work, long hours, dedication – and this is your reward?
It doesn’t have to be that way.

If you’re in your fifties or older, you’ve weathered some major disruptive changes in the business world. The personal computer. The internet. Smartphones. Entire technologies have come and gone. Know anyone with a pager?

The good news is that we’ve seen ‘disruptive’ changes in the world of health and fitness. It’s much easier to achieve and maintain your health into middle age and beyond.

Getting fit over 50 has its challenges – mostly self-imposed. Clients convinced they would never get the body they desired simply because they had passed some mythical point on the calendar have gotten stunning results.

Aches and pains come naturally with age? I can tell you with certainty that those beliefs are false.

The key is finding the right plan for you.

My name is Lisa Swanson, and I’ve been a physical trainer for well over three decades. Like you, I’ve seen the disruptive changes firsthand.

Even better, I know what you’ve gone through. From managing a fitness center at 26, to starting a successful private practice from scratch after a bad marriage left me alone to support a 2 and 4 year old. Building my own mini-empire of fitness centers requiring 90 miles of Boston area driving to manage on an almost daily basis.

Tending to your health is more important than ever. It’s non-negotiable if you’re going to keep up with the ever growing demands your position requires. Or enjoy a long and healthy retirement.

You have to open your mind to learning new strategies and embracing a new approach to weight loss, fitness and health. It’s not glamorous and it’s not a quick fix – but at 56 I’m living proof that eating healthy, feeling great and looking your best is possible at any age.

You have what it takes because you’ve dealt with challenges your whole working life.

You can do the work. What you don’t have is time to figure it all out. You’ve got bigger fish to fry (well, hopefully not literally).

You can’t afford risking injury. “Bummer, dude,” from that 24 year-old barbell jockey won’t make flying cross country for a key meeting with a separated shoulder feel any better.
You need someone who understands your unique situation. Something that works on your schedule. Flexibility to adjust when life doesn’t follow the appointment book.

You’ve found it.

Body and Soul Coaching's strategic fitness programing with Lisa Swanson
Custom built for the busy business man or woman who can execute a well conceived plan.
Most programs fail to connect three essential pieces of the fitness and weight loss puzzle: Fitness. Nutrition. Mindset.

Personal trainers focus exclusively on workouts, while health coaches talk about behavior modification but without the knowledge of a nutritionist. Nutritionists fail to connect with your workout plan. Few people know how to pull it all together, and the conflicting messages coming from the mass media and so-called fitness gurus can be mind-boggling.

Seeing people confused and frustrated with losing the same 20 to 30 pounds over and over again, I realized standard fitness training and health coaching wasn’t enough. You must master the trifecta of fitness, nutrition, and mindset.

It was time to sell the fitness centers and concentrate my efforts on perfecting this formula. Managing those businesses was taking me away from my first love, working one-on-one with clients. Franchise constrictions were too inflexible to allow me to make the adjustments necessary.

Today, my work has expanded to a complete fitness solution for men and women over 50. A way to uncover the hidden challenges holding you back and helping you knock those roadblocks over. Optimizing your environment for success by mastering your mindset.

At age 56 Lisa Swanson is living proof that the body you’ve always wanted can be a reality at any age. She is an ACE-certified Personal Trainer, Health Coach, and Orthopedic Exercise Specialist; an AASDN Nutrition Specialist; TRX-certified and a vegan. Through her over 30 years of experience, Lisa has developed a unique approach to training that allows her to challenge her clients at multiple levels of fitness and adapt any program to meet their specific needs. She believes in a lifestyle approach to fitness and wants her clients to have fun, gain confidence, and feel comfortable in their bodies.

Ready to take your health and fitness into your own hands? Call or fill out the form to schedule a free phone consultation to learn more. We’ll discuss what’s going on with you now, what you would like to accomplish and what you’ve tried in the past.

If we look like a match, the next step is a complementary Get Fit Stay Fit Strategy Session. We’ll do this via videoconference or in person if you live in the North Andover area.

Lisa is an extremely engaging trainer  She is genuinely interested in your success, unlike other trainers who I have trained with. Most trainers or groups do not customize programs to your needs;  they are very canned programs. With Lisa, you get customized workouts, customized nutrition (most do not give nutrition advice), and a true supporter. She wants you to succeed. Be ready to be held accountable; you will need to do the work, too.

Cheryl A | Entrepreneur Andover, MA *

I love Body & Soul Coaching! I work with Lisa, and she is awesome. I've been working with her for about 3 years now. I am seeing more definition in my arms, and my legs are definitely becoming leaner and tighter. I am much more aware of my nutrition and how many calories I am consuming as well as what type of foods I should be eating in terms of good carbs and healthy fats. She works with you to find out what is the best schedule and exercises for you so you are set up for success! She also creates nutrition guidelines for you, which is so helpful because nutrition seems like it is always the hardest part of fitness plans! She is always easily accessible and will get back to you quickly. Finally this is now a lifestyle and not a diet. Will definitely keep working with her!

Chelsea C. | Registered Nurse, Washington D.C. *

As I near the end of my first 30 day challenge and begin my next 30 day challenge, I look back and noticed the following changes for me: the ability to reach out and have Lisa Swanson and other members of the group there for me; a change in my diet, not 100% but a start, getting back on track with working out, FEELING BETTER!! I haven't lost weight but can feel changes in my body, I'm starting to see a little bit of my waist again. I didn't become 30 lbs overweight and unfit overnight and it won't get "fixed" overnight. I had the wonderful experience of meeting with Lisa on FaceTime this morning. Wonderful because she listened, I mean really listened! She helped me make a plan, got me inspired, excited and determined that I CAN DO THIS. The workouts she gives us are fun, challenging without being scary, and explained very well, I have no problem following the exercises. Her workouts keep me from getting bored which helps excite me and makes me eager for my workout the next day! The meal plan is also easy to follow. After talking to her today I got busy planning my meals (something I never sat down and seriously did) as I told her this morning, I'm in this for my lifetime, I'm not looking for a quick fix but to really make these healthy changes for the rest of my life. I can't emphasize enough how great I think this program is, it's affordable and realistic and Lisa is inspiring and sincere in her desire to help me on this journey into my healthy, fit future. The next 30 days are really going to be something - Thank you Lisa Swanson!

Denise Williamson, Bakersfield, CA *

I'd like to share my journey so far (I'll try to keep it short) lol . Not sure how but, I came across Lisa's page and something told me to check it out! Well I did just that. I was a little reluctant at first..being it's was something I came across on the Internet. Again something told me "Just Do It!" I'm so glad I listened to my inner-self. I joined "The 30 day Fall Fitness Challenge" during the first week I lost 4.5 lbs and felt SO INSPIRED! To date I'm down 7lbs. Keep in mind muscle weights more than fat wink emoticon I struggle to stay motivated but, with Lisa's personal touch(advice)and daily post I have managed to stay's not easy and yes to be honest for me it's hard. I would like to take this time to say thank Lisa, you have inspired me, motivated me and helped me realize I can do this! My journey continues with Lisa's next challenge! ♡♡ I remind myself of something I heard Lisa say in one of her videos "To not workout is not an option! " Love it! With that said, if your thinking about doing one of Lisa's challenges do yourself a favor .. Just Do It! wink emoticon It's a great way to kick start your journey to health and fitness and for those who are already fit and could use a challenge I believe she has advance programs. The program is easy to follow. The workouts are already pre-planned for us! All we need to do is apply ourselves ♡ Keep in mind she really is there to help us! She keeps it real wink emoticon I'm 55 years old and with the help of Lisa's fitness programs and advice I know I can reach my goals..

Patsy Ellison, New York

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* DISCLAIMER: All programs are customized to each clients individual needs and abilities. Results will vary from client to client.
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