Fit After 50 - It Is Possible!
How would you like a personal trainer, health coach, nutritionist, 
and orthopedic exercise specialist right in your pocket?

The weight doesn't come off as easy as it did before, and everything you tried before isn't working. You want your energy back and you want to healthy and fit so you can remain active

Work with a trainer who knows how to keep you fit, healthy, & injury-free.
She understands your needs. She understands your struggles.
With 30 years' experience in the industry, she'll make sure YOU understand too

If you're ready to shake things up & get results then you're ready for my online coaching program 
Fit After 50 12 week
Body Transformation

Let's face it, fitness after 50 is different - but doable. There's no cut off date to training, you just need to learn how to train for your unique needs

You're looking to stay healthy and active even into your "golden years."  

Work with an orthopedic exercise specialist who knows how to design a safe, effective workout that keeps you active whether it's in the gym or enjoying your favorite activity.

You're busy; we're all busy. Imagine being able to hop on your computer or smartphone for a professionally designed workout whenever YOU are ready! No need to travel to the gym if you don't want to. I design your workouts that can done at home OR at the gym.

No more wasting your time with ineffective workouts that don't change your body. You'll learn how to boost your metabolism with time efficient workouts and a habit based nutrition plan specifically designed to maintain your weight loss whether it's stubborn belly fat, love handles or your hips and thighs

That's rightl, no more fear of regaining your weight. This is not a diet, it's a lifestyle. One that's going to keep you healthy, fit, pain-free and energized.

Got questions? Give me a call  978-222-9992

Now is the time to start your journey to a healthier, fitter, more energetic 
YOU with online group personal training

Fitness after 50 : 12 week Body transformation
one time payment
  • Professionally designed workouts updated monthly
  • Weekly Habit-based nutrition guidance & support
  • Exercise videos of ALL exercises to ensure proper form
  • Informative fitness & nutrition training videos
  • Results racking of all your workouts and habits
  • Upload progress photos to your private portal
  • Private community for ongoing support
  • In app communication with your coach (M - F)
  • One (1) private coaching call each month (typically 30 minutes)
  • Before and After Photos
  • Food Journal 
  • Mobile App to take your program with you
Keeping You On Track With Virtual Training On The Go
Body & Soul Coaching's 12 week online program was developed with you in mind. You're busy and don't have time to waste. With Virtual training and online coaching tools, it's easy to fit a complete health & fitness program into your schedule, all in the comfort of your own home.

Achieving your fitness goals is far easier with a nutritionist, coach, and trainer in your corner. You’ll receive all three when working with Lisa, as you gain strength and endurance, increase energy, lose weight and experience a complete body and soul transformation!

It's time to Get Fit & Stay Fit 

Got questions? Give me a call 978-222-9992

Exercise Plans
- Workout Updates
- Safe, Effective Routines
- Track Weights & Reps
- Detailed Instructions for Each Move
- Upload Video to Check Your Form!
Progress Tracking
- Track Results Over Time
- Weight, body fat, measurements
- Fitness Assessments
- Easily Track Habits in Daily Checklist
Food Diary
- Precision Nutrition Habit Tracking
- Food Diary
- Nutrition Education Videos
- Available in Mobile App
- find all your program & coaching  here
- Daily habit check ins
- Videos from your coach
- Recipes
-documents to support your habits
- Available in Mobile App
Body and Soul Community
- Direct Communication with 
Your Coach
- Don't wait till your next session, got a question send your coach a text or video message
Online Personal Training
Workouts & Nutrition That Fit Your Schedule & Your Lifestyle

If you're looking for accountability, motivation, guidance and answers then personal training is for you. But, not everyone has time the time or money to hire a personal trainer. This is where Online Personal Training comes in. For a fraction of the cost of my private fitness coaching, you get an entire 12 WEEK PROGRAM! 

Personal attention is an extremely successful way to create or maintain healthy habits! Add in a whole community your chances for success increase dramatically. All you need to do is show up.  Follow my professionally designed program that takes you step by step towards realizing your goals. Throughout our time together, you'll not only get support from me but support from others just like you, on the same journey.  You'll also receive one private coaching session each month (for a total of 3) to get answer to your questions right on the spot. 

Think about what you can accomplish in the next 12 weeks if you get started TODAY

Now think about what's going to happen if you DON'T get started.  

Don't wait any longer, the time to start is NOW.

You will receive: 

  • Private training portal
  • Professionally designed safe, effective workouts
  • Easy to follow nutrition guidelines
  • Habit-based nutrition coaching for long term success
  • Videos of all our exercises to ensure proper form
  • Mobile Apps to keep your workouts, nutrition & coaching close at hand
  • Live group coaching calls
  • Private Facebook community for ongoing, daily support

Got questions? Give me a call  978-222-9992

Meet Your Trainer

Hi, My name is Lisa Swanson. I have over 30 years experience helping men and women just like you lose weight, build muscle, and get their nutrition under control. I'm a certified health coach, personal trainer, and orthopedic exercise specialist through ACE (American Council on Exercise). I"m also certified through AASDN (American Assoc. of Sports Dietitians & Nutritionist) as a Nutrition Specialist. 

I love helping my clients reach their goals! After more than two decades of running my studios and training my trainers, I decided to bring my program online so that I could reach even more men and women. You see, I want to teach people the TRUTH about weight loss; especially the truth about staying fit, injury free and active in your 50s, 60s or 70s!! I'm 56 and I understand just what it takes. 

One of the biggest misconceptions out there is that there's some magical diet that's going finally get you to your results, or that there's some secret workout formula that will change your body forever. I'm here to give it to you straight. Sorry, but there is no magic bullet, you need to the work, BUT... do the work, learn the lifestyle and I guarantee you'll get the results.  
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