Private Health and Fitness Coaching 
for Age 50 and Beyond
 A CUSTOM built coaching program for those who are tired of fad diets and workouts designed for 20 year olds.

If you're ready to follow through with a lifestyle nutrition program, weight training that will keep you healthy and lean and not afraid to work on your roadblocks.  
You know it's time for a change.
If you're looking for a coach who understands the frustration of stubborn belly fat, and busy schedules leaving you little time to take of yourself, 
then you're in the right place.

Unlike personal training or nutrition counseling you get 
everything under one roof with Body & Soul Coaching

Fitness + Nutrition + Mindset = Results
Because of the in depth approach I take to coaching, 
there are limited spots available
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Does Any Of This Sound Familiar?
  • You've been losing and gaining the same 5 - 10 or 20 pounds over and over again.
  • You really do want to workout, but can't find the time to get to the gym & once you get there you don't know what to do. 
  • Your body just isn't the same anymore. There are aches and pains creeping up and your balance and flexibility could use some work too.
  • You used to be able to watch what you eat for a few days and the extra pounds would start to come off.  Not anymore... nothing seems to work now.
  • You know you'll feel more confident and comfortable if you could just get into shape.
  • You want to be able to eat a normal "diet" and find a workout you can actually do that will fit into your crazy schedule
  • You know you're not getting any younger and you want to stay healthy and fit as you age.

My name is Lisa Swanson, and I’ve been a personal trainer, nutritionist and health coach for over three decades. 

Even better, I know what you’ve been going through. I know how frustrating it is trying to fit your workouts in, or eat healthy when you feel you've barely got time to breathe. 

You see I use to own 3 studios, along with having a husband, 2 kids, 3 dogs, and 3 cats.  Yep, life was hectic and busy. And being a part of the "sandwich generation" not only was I taking care of my kids, I was also helping to care for my aging parents. 

But if you're going to be happy, if you're going to be able to enjoy your life, tending to your health is more important than ever. It’s non-negotiable 

if you’re going to keep up with the ever growing demands your position requires or enjoy a long and healthy retirement you need to start making changes NOW

Open your mind to learning new strategies and embracing a new approach to weight loss, fitness and health. After all what you're doing isn't working.  The answer isn't glamorous and it’s not a quick fix – but at 57 I’m living proof that eating healthy, feeling great and looking your best is possible at any age. But you've got to do the work.

You also need someone who understands your unique situation.Someone who knows how to create an effective program for those of us over 50. 

You also need something that works with your schedule and the flexibility to adjust when life doesn’t follow the appointment book. 

You’ve found it!

ACE Certified Health Coach, Personal trainer, 
Orthopedic Exercise Specialist, 
PN Level 1 Nutrition Coach, 
AASDN Nutrition Specialist 
& 30 yrs. experience
Body & Soul Coaching - by Lisa Swanson
I will work with you as your partner to strategically put together a comprehensive program bringing you lasting results
Habit Based Nutrition Coaching
 A method rooted in change psychology and built on the latest science of what actually helps people develop new skills and make change in their lives.
 Rather than telling you what to eat & when to eat, I help you build the skills required to eat well, every day, no matter what life throws at you. 
Virtual Training On The Go
Workout at home? At the gym? On vacation?
Easily track your workouts & nutrition anywhere to make sure you're on target with the individualized plan prepared for you. Complete with videos and instructions for each exercise
Customized Programs 
Don't waste time on workouts that don't deliver results. I will custom design your programs to strategically get you to your goal without injury and while focusing on all aspects of physical fitness including individualized nutrition mindset.
With access to your client portal and mobile app, results come easy!
We use the latest technology to save you time, keep you consistent with your workouts and nutrition, get you motivated through easy tracking tools and daily access to your coach. Communication is KEY to your results. When you work with Lisa, you get the attention you need even in between sessions.

"I've worked with other trainers before and none of them combined my workouts, nutrition, and coaching the way Lisa does. 
I've lost over 25 lbs and couldn't be happier with my results"
Jean Geismann*
59 yrs. old, Entrepreneur, Graphic Design 
Results may vary per client
Defy the Aging Curve and Build a Lean, Healthy Body and Stress Free Mind Well into Your Fifties and Beyond, Without Deprivation Diets or Risking Injury
Even if you believe you've plateaued 
or crested the hill...
  • It takes longer to get in shape and what worked in your 20's just isn't cutting it anymore. Fitness after 50 is different, but doable!
  • Injuries come easier and stay longer - work with an orthopedic exercise training specialist for safe and reliable methods to limit risks
  • You've got enough experience to know that quick fixes don't work - Fully integrated fitness, nutrition, and mindset for maximum results does
  • Decades of hard work, long hours and dedication have taken their toll on your body, but it doesn't have to be that way. There is a solution!
  • Convinced you can't have the body you desire because you've reached some mythical point on the calendar?  I can tell you with absolute certainty that is not true. You can get stunning results. BUT you've got to do the work.
You have what it takes. You've dealt with challenges your whole working life...
  • Uncover the #1 action you need to take before you even begin to ensure your success
  • Determine YOUR unique starting point based on your needs and goals
  • Use scientific based coaching strategies to develop a lifestyle nutrition plan you will enjoy - NOT a diet or meal plan!
  • Blast away at your roadblocks and limiting beliefs that are holding you back from reaching your goals
  • Receive a customized exercise program to build a stronger, leaner, physique, yes even lose the belly fat!
  • Take a habit-based approach to your health plan for long-term, sustainable results.
  • Celebrate each step on your way to the new, healthy, fit you! 
Because of the in depth approach I take to coaching, there are limited spots available
Need to talk to someone first? No problem, give Lisa a call today 978-222-9992
Your Coaching Program Includes:
  • Weekly private coaching calls 
  • Weekly personal training sessions (on-site & virtual sessions available)
  • Personalized, detailed fitness program 
  • Customized, easy-to-follow habit based nutrition plan
  • Behavior Modification techniques to ensure your changes last!
  • Direct in app messaging between sessions
  • Workout & Nutrition Journal via Private Client Portal, reviewed on a weekly basis
  • Mobile Apps to keep both your workouts & nutrition journal, and custom habit based coaching close at hand
Is this Right for you? Find out now by scheduling your FREE session today.
Need to talk with someone first? No problem, 
Give Lisa a call today 978-222-9992
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